Lisa Hofmaninger - Saxophone :: Bass Clarinet


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„...Rue De Rosiers by Lisa Hofmaninger creates an ethereal world of whispery, bending tones reminiscent of the hichiriki or duduk. Hofmaninger, featuring herself on soprano saxophone and Judith Schwarz on percussion, blends evocative melodic lines with the metallic qualities of the percussion in a way that augments the capabilities of either instrument. She artfully marries the two parts together through carefully crafted orchestration and beautiful playing...“

– Anne Goldberg-Baldwin, I Care If You Listen (US), May 2018

"...The best balance between these two soft extremes was struck by chuffDRONE of Austria. Backed by the intuitive drumming of Judith Schwarz and brought into unexpected directions by soprano saxophonist Lisa Hofmaninger, chuffDRONE achieved a welcome balance of cloud and sky..."

– Tyran Grillo, The New York City Jazz Record (US), September 2017

„...In a programme full of Gerhard Eder’s inspired musical choices, two newcomers stood out as particular revelations. In a relaxed, informal lunchtime set, the four-fifths-female and very young chuffDRONE soared and smiled and improvised with absolute confidence and empathy though their own fresh, open, not in the least conventional compositions – a band to watch if ever there was one...“

– Robert Beard, Jazzwise Magazin (UK), November 2014